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Portable Alarm

For Hospital

or Home Use

A person with very little strength or range of motion can easily summon help with a gentle push on any part of the Touch Panel.  Two clips keep it from moving away.

- Ultra-sensitive "Touch Panel" permits use by almost totally paralyzed individuals.

- Easy for user to locate and operate - no searching or prehension (grasp) required.

- Large 3.5x5" Touch Panel.

- Low false-alarm rate.

- Versatile - securely attaches anywhere on bedding or bed rail, near user's head, hand, foot, etc., for optimum accessibility.  Once in place, it stays in place.

- 10-foot cord, with "1/4 inch Phone Plug" connector.  It will plug into most hospital call systems, and into the optional PA-1 Portable Alarm.

- Rugged, High-quality - Made in the USA,

- Reliable - Waterproof and dust-proof, rated at 1 million operations!

- 3 year warranty on materials and workmanship!

- Also available:  Special cords, connectors, "Normally Closed" switch and Dual-Panel (Nurse Call & TV Control) versions.

- Low Price


Alternatively, E-Z Call can be easily secured to the bed rail (with included straps) for users with more physical capability.  


- E-Z Call

- 10' cord with 1/4" Phone Plug


- Dual-Panel version (both Nurse Call & TV Control)

- Special cords, connectors

- "Normally Closed" switch

E-Z Call

Quadiplegic Universal Nurse Call Switch

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