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I  n  c  o  r  p  o  r  a  t  e  d



- Air Tube:  Silicone  Rubber tubing, 0.1" dia x 46"

- Polyethylene Bite Bulbs:  Sterile pack, 20 each, 0.4" dia x 3.5"

- Connector & Cable (please specify your preference):

    - 1/8" Mini Phone Plug with 3' cord for computer or communicotor use (shown above).

                              - or -

    - 1/4" Standard Phone Plug with 10' cord for Nurse Call use.


- Special cords, connectors

- extra Bite Bulbs

- replacement tubing


The bulb can be a sterile Bite-or-Puff bulb (20 included), an infant ear syringe, or even a child's squeeze toy.  This versatile general purpose switch can also be operated as a puff switch by cutting off the end of the bulb.   Bite frequently has a significant advantage over puff since 1) jaw muscles are powerful, 2) bite does not need lip seal around the bulb, and 3) it is easier to keep clean.  Often, people who can't use any other switch can use Bite-or-Puff!

- Switch:  Momentary Contact, Gold-plated contacts

- Maximum Switch Rating:  25 Volts, 25 mA, AC/DC

- Maximum Pressure:  25 psi

- Trip Pressure:  preset to 1 inch of water (0.04 psi)

Even if severely paralyzed, even if you can't operate any other switch, you can likely operate Bite-or-Puff to control a Nurse Call System, a computer, or Communicator (with single-switch capability), and other low-power devices.  The pressure required to operate it is very small, and is provided by a gentle bite, puff, or squeeze on the bulb connected to the air tube.

Bite-or -Puff

Air - Operated Switch

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